There is an innate knowledge in each of us


Since childhood I have been designing and building.

My favorite games were crafting little boats out of wooden fruit crates or raising mud dams in ditches, with my bare hands.

As I grew up, I abandoned manual labor and focused my efforts on building virtual products.

Then suddenly after years of a career as a web developer pressing keys on the keyboard my hands got sick, and eventually started refusing to execute my commands.

So I realized that I needed to give my hands space and trust again, and get back in touch with that innate knowledge of maker.

MANINUDE is a better fusion between this source and my learned technological skills.

The production process makes use of 3D printing technologies to allow me to quickly produce with my bare hands a quality product in series, while using just a few simple hand tools.

MANINUDE is a design studio with garage sized production facility located in Roncrio, Bologna, Italy.